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Meanwhile, Frank is challenged to a race and begins training. Season 6, Episode 14February 12, 2001Moesha and Dorian uncover some promising leads in the search for his mother. She might not like a lot of the answers, but she ultimately discovers a lot about herself.Traci Townsend won the Audience Choice Award at the 2006 Hollywood Black Film Festival. Meanwhile, Dorian courts a minister's daughter (Angell Conwell) and is called on to preach by her dad. Season 6, Episode 18March 12, 2001Mo and Hakeem must help a troubled student who is contemplating suicide. Rapper Lil' Bow Wow guest stars as Dorian's brother Ray.

Season 6, Episode 4September 25, 2000Moesha tries to organize a meeting of the suitemates to establish “the rules,” but a nearby appearance by Boyz II Men hurts attendance. Season 6, Episode 3September 18, 2000Alicia hides an Internet camera in Moesha and Niecy's bedroom for profit, while Hakeem (Lamont Bentley) tries to win Moesha back with gifts.

Season 6, Episode 22May 14, 2001Lil' Kim guest stars as the girlfriend of Dorian's prison buddy, who is trying get a piece of his band's profits.

Meanwhile, Hakeem asks Moesha to move in with him for the summer, throwing a wrench into her and Niecy's plans of living together.

Paulk) is sent to stay in Moesha's dorm where he develops a crush on Alicia.

Season 6, Episode 6October 9, 2000When Frank and Dorian leave on a road trip to Las Vegas, Myles (Marcus T.

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